Life is a series of choices you make

Everyone has two worlds; the outside world and the inside world.

The outside world:

Lately, I have been having many thoughts about how crazy American society – the outside world – seems to have become. With everything I read, I take solace in the knowledge that I am not alone in my perception. Thank goodness!

While many of us – from the old school and/or old country – focused on retaining freedom and independence for ourselves as well as for the future generations of Americans, it appears that we had enabled the school/university systems to indoctrinate our children and grandchildren in the concept of transforming the U.S.A. into a place we hardly recognize. Those brainwashed younger generations of people also seem to have become unusually antagonistic, argumentative, angry, disrespectful, and unhappy – even with their own family members. How sad…

The inside world:

In contrast, my home environment where David and I have always shared similar values – the inside world – is a warm, calming, and peaceful place. Geographically, linguistically, culturally, and religiously, we came together from opposite sides of the world. Yet how we view the world has always been remarkably similar – perhaps because we both understood what the U.S.A. stood for prior to the so-called “fundamental transformation of America” began being instituted by the Far Left.

Each morning, I wake up with the deepest sense of gratitude for the life that I have been able to live.

Life is a series of choices you make:

Both the outside and inside worlds exist for all individuals. You can never know everything there is to know about the outside world to make a good decision; no one can. The opposite is true with the inside world, especially if you are mindful. Focus on which world, outside or inside, do you think will give you greater satisfaction in your life? Your choice will determine your destiny.

Caveat: For most people, focusing on the inside world will probably be far more difficult because it forces you to use your own mind to attain inner peace over time. Put another way, you will have no one else but yourself to blame if inner peace is not attained.




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