The 2020 election – Socialism or capitalism?

Oh, how fast the last four years flew! If the 2016 election could be summed up as contentious, which it was, this year was, well, beyond contentious.

Nevertheless, we still live in a democratic society where “We the People” decide the future of our country. Whether a Democrat or Republican, I would honor whoever wins the election fair and square. The key, of course, is fair and square.

My blogs are always posted on the 17th of each month, which means this year’s election result is yet to be officially finalized as of this moment. I dare make this statement despite what every media outlet and social media are indicating that Joe Biden is the President-elect. Why?

As influential and powerful as they are, it is not the media or social media that decides the result. It is the number of legal votes that determines who the next President of the U.S.A. will be.

Contrary to how it may appear on the surface, neither the 2016 nor the 2020 election has been about who loves or hates President Donald J. Trump, who was a complete outsider to politics in 2016. Rather, it has been about “We the People” are finally waking up to where our country had been steered by the left, and the recognition of a desperate need for a President that can right the wrongs perpetrated by the left.

Believe it or not, in less than six years, we will be celebrating America’s 250th birthday. As we head toward that mile marker, our country is facing a major fork in the road. More precisely, it is a choice between socialism and capitalism. Under socialism, the government takes care of people. Under capitalism, people take care of themselves.


While it may sound ideal on the surface, under socialism, people give up their freedom and become reliant on government handouts.

We have examples of failed socialism right here in our country. Look no further than any major inner cities. According to the Daily Signal, the top 20 cities in the U.S.A. with worst crimes are run either by Democrats (18 out of 20) or non-affiliates (2 out of 20); none by Republicans. The Democrats kept on talking a good talk (making pie-in-the-sky promises) all these years so that they could have these inner-city residents vote for them. All the while, these residents remained dependent on government welfare checks, and the areas became crime-infested. This is how socialism eventually destroys humanity. If these inner-city examples do not wake you up to the reality of socialism, I do not know what would.

The Democrats are using the same recipe to entice today’s young voters, making non-deliverable promises – such as free health care and college education for all – thus attempting to solidify and expand the size of government involvement not just in the inner cities but to the rest of the U.S.A. Our country, as we know it, is doomed if we allowed ourselves to be led by those who espouse socialism.

Here is “Socialism Fails Every Time” by Gloria Alvarez, who grew up in a socialist country.


Under capitalism, “We the People” need to figure out how to put food on the table on our own. This forces us to use our own brains to make it happen. While this may sound harsh to some, there are always those who need some goods and services, and those who can provide them; and vice versa. It is called the market economy. In the market economy, there is no need for the government to be involved. When people are left to our own devices, the economy flourishes.

The future of the U.S.A.

It makes me wonder how the future generations of Americans – who will be alive when this country celebrates its 500th birthday in the year 2276 – will judge how “We the People” voted in 2020. Or, under a one-world socialist order, perhaps, there will be no America whose birthday can be celebrated. None of us who are alive today and concerned about America’s future will be here in the year 2276. So why should we care?

I care because the Founding Fathers cared during the years leading up to and beyond 1776. I care because so many American soldiers sacrificed their lives for our freedom. I care because I know, for a fact, that the reason I have been able to enjoy life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness as a legal adult immigrant to this country was thanks to the Founding Fathers and everyone else that came before us who made it possible for me.

I have always believed that regardless of one’s political affiliation, every American understood how this country was established and how important the Constitution of the United States of America was to the benefit of every citizen. A relatively recent discovery of reality to the contrary has been a rude awakening.

As I began to understand it, the far left had infiltrated the educational system decades ago. Who would have thought that schools would not be teaching American history and why the country came to exist? Who would have thought that they would teach students to hate their own country, the U.S.A.? Who would have thought that they would dare teach students to hate white Americans, starting with the Founding Fathers? What parents could have imagined that their own children would be subjected to brainwashing by the school system? But here we are.

What the left has been doing is wrong. This must be stopped. We need to understand who is funding the far left and, more importantly, how we can counter it.

As an adult immigrant, the last thing I wanted was to live in a country where the government controls my life. Then the Covid-19 lockdown happened. The government made sure that people got a taste of accepting a small stipend without having to work for it, thus increasing the chances of becoming dependent on the state.

Remember, welfare payments are precisely the recipe that Democrats have been using to make inner cities become and remain dependent on the government. That is the essence of socialism.

There is no freedom without financial freedom. To retain my freedom, I expect to be able to continue supporting myself financially. This means the ability to not be dependent on government handouts. This is precisely why I believe in capitalism. When the economy is artificially shut down in the name of “protecting people from Covid,” however, it becomes increasingly difficult for businesses to stay afloat. Destroying people’s livelihoods in the name of “potentially saving some lives” is evil. So is playing dirty tricks to “win” an election.




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