Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

David and I reside in an area within the U.S.A. where most people abide by simple, common-sense rules, otherwise known as ordinances.

To be sure, we have some serious issues with our current municipal-government leadership. For the most part, however, our neighbors have the decency to understand the rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

It is a lovely neighborhood to enjoy the outdoors, and many residents take a walk with their dogs – with a plastic bag to pick up their beloved pets’ doodoo, of course.

At the corner of my eye, I just saw a lady, walking her two dogs.  One of them decided to do his job, right in my view.

You see, whenever I’m working, I’m working out, too, on my treadmill in our home office.  It faces the window with a view of our front yard.  Having the best view anyone could ask for is one of the benefits of being my own boss.  Because of the distance between the window and the road, chances are that the lady did not know that I saw everything.

When the dog completed his job, in three separate spots no less, the lady put on a pair of disposable gloves, picked and put them all away in a plastic bag, closed it shut, and walked away with it – and the dogs, too, of course – with no mess left behind.

And that’s how it’s done to live in harmony with your neighbors.  So long as the owners of the dogs do what they’re supposed to, I don’t have a problem when their dogs do what they do when nature happens to call them in our yard.

This simple episode reminded me how deeply grateful I am for the privilege to have been able to live in such a lovely neighborhood since 1984.  I consider where we live to be our heaven on earth where our neighbors understand and practice common courtesy.

Who would have thought that dog doodoo could take me to a place of gratitude?!









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