“Marked for Death” by Geert Wilders

Before the premeditated attacks on the U.S. soil by Muslim extremists on September 11, 2001, I knew nothing about Islam.  That date marked one of the few defining moments in history during my lifetime.  Those that planned and executed the plots are the worst criminals that murdered innocent victims without cause.

Because of the horrific nature of the coordinated attacks, I needed to understand Islam and what would cause its believers to use such unimaginable violence against anyone who “offends” them.

Nearly two decades later, I have learned enough to make my own judgments.  To appease those murderers, school children and university students in the U.S.A. are being brainwashed to be politically correct; i.e., falsely being made to believe that Islam is a religion of peace.  Such falsehood is being propagated by far-left teachers and professors, who either know nothing about or refuse to comprehend the true nature of Islam; or perhaps have something to gain – likely monetary – by spreading the lie. As they say, following the money will get you to the truth.

In a country where the Constitution guarantees freedom of expression, where did the recent movement toward political correctness come from?  It appears that much of it originated during Woodrow Wilson’s presidency, 1913-1921.  Merriam-Webster’s dictionary indicates that the first known use of the word, “Islamaphobia,” was in 1923.  Think about it. Why would anyone, other than those who have something to gain, label fellow Americans as Islamaphobes in an attempt to shut them up?

The simple fact that those who are speaking up against Muslim extremists are being targeted for murder should be evidence enough to realize that their belief system is at odds with Western values.

By the way, it is my understanding that Islam is not a religion but a theocracy, intent on conquering the world until all humans are either converted to Islam, enslaved, or killed.  Even Muslims themselves disagree that Islam is a religion of peace.  What clearer evidence do we need to see the light?

Thankfully, contrary to those in schools, I have had the luxury of being able to study independently and come to my own conclusion.  I have written about the topic several times on this website.

The latest book I read, “Marked for Death” by Geert Wilders, helped solidify my understanding even further.  It is amazing to me that so many people continue to keep their eyes closed to the evil that is being perpetrated by Islam.  Throughout history, ordinary peace-loving people have enabled those who rise to the position of power to commit atrocities against humanity.  It is tragic that most people continue to remain unable to fathom how evil humans can be.

Not only are teachers and professors in our country spreading lies about Islam by appeasing Muslims, but they also are not even teaching students the fundamental truths of how the U.S.A. was founded and why.  What a travesty and tragedy!

There is a direct connection between Hitler’s Nazi Germany – and the method used for Holocaust – and Islam.  While Nazi Germany has long been defeated, Islam’s evil influence on the rest of the world has existed since its beginning in the 7th century through Hitler’s Germany, and to this day.

Peace with Islam is not an attainable goal.  Remember, in their eyes, anyone who is not a Muslim is an infidel.  If we think that we can achieve peace with Islam by appeasing its believers, we are sorely ill-informed. At best, we can co-exist as we have for centuries.  As with bullies in schoolyards, the only language Muslims understand is the balance of power, secured by the military might of the West.

Here is “Fitna,” a 17-minute film, created by Mr. Wilders. (You must be signed in to YouTube.com, and give consent before it enables you to watch it.  Here is a definition of Fitna.)

The film summarizes the core essence of Islam, which we need to understand to help avoid another Holocaust.  If we let them have the upper hand, the next time, victims will not be limited to the Jews and their sympathizers; it will be all non-Muslims.  Never forget 9-11.







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